Chocomize Gift Certificate

Chocomize Gift Certificate

($10.00 - $500.00)

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Whether you're celebrating an occasion with a close friend or simply doing something nice for an acquaintance, Chocomize gift cards are a fun & convenient way to leave a lasting impression. The gift cards are good towards any products on our website and apply to the total order value including shipping. That means that as long as the total amount is covered entirely by the gift card, the recipient will not be charged for shipping. If the total comes out to more than the gift card covers, the recipient can either delete products from the cart or pay for the difference. 

You have 2 options for delivering the Chocomize e-gift cards:

1. Send to a friend via email

Check "Send Gift Card to Friend" box above, and then enter your recipient's name, email address, message and e-delivery date in the drop-down box. Your friend will receive an email from Chocomize with the code to redeem the gift certificate.

2. Send to yourself via email

You will receive an email from Chocomize with the e-gift certificate to save for later or print to give in person.