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Chocomize at the World Championships


If you’ve been following our blog, you will know by now that many of the people involved in Chocomize are rowers. We last wrote about rowing in a post about the National Selection Regatta (NSR) where rowers tried out for the national team. Many of the rowers at the event were sporting Chocomize uniforms (check out the post about the event here) and a couple of those same rowers went on to row for the United States at the World Championships that took place in New Zealand. Chocomize uniforms were seen all around the racecourse, and some of the rowers were even spotted with some chocolate bars.


016I rowed in the lightweight four in New Zealand along with Will Daly, Anthony Fahden, and Ryan Fox. Although Will and Ryan have no affiliation with Chocomize, Anthony will work in our offices from time to time, and was spotted wearing his Chocomize uniform for one of the practices (check out the picture to the right. Sam Stitt, one of Chocomize’s chief choclatiers, rowed in the heavyweight four event. My boat ended up placing 10th overall, while Sam Stitt’s heavyweight four placed 5th.

New Zealand is known for its strict custom rules, but despite these impediments I was able to sneak a couple of Chocomize bars into the country. I was in New Zealand for only three weeks and had a very limited supply of Chocomize bars, so after having spent the past year eating chocolate all day at the factory, I was in some serious withdrawal.  After my final race, I finally broke out the Chocomize chocolate bars (milk chocolate with pretzels and chocolate candy pieces, a recent favorite) and the entire team, as well as some of the foreign rowers, was able to dig into our delicious chocolate.

I’m happy to report that New Zealand was great, but it’s nice being back in the US and back at work where there is an endless supply of chocolate to eat. Thanks for all your support!



P.S. Here are some pictures of us racing:

sam stitt worlds

Sam Stitt, is second from left in the picture above

worlds 10

From Left, Will Daly, Ryan Fox, Nick LaCava, Anthony Fahden