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Chocomize goes Canada!


Another week comes to an end and it was a really exciting one for us. We have been featured in's 'spark of genius' series which was a great honor to us. Each week day they cover one startup company that they think is has promising and fresh characteristics that separates it from the competition. gets around 65,000 visitors a day and as a result of this post about us we have gotten hundreds of emails from all around the world asking if we ship to India, China, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada etc.

It makes us really proud to see that there are so many people out there that would like to create their own chocolate bar rather than settling for the same old in the supermarkets. It shows us that we are on the right track with our chocolate with a choice concept. After all those emails we noticed, however, that we haven't really let people know what our plans are as far as expansion is concerned. With this blog post I'd like to shed some light on the dark.

Well, the good news is that Canadians can get started go wild on their custom chocolate combinations. We have already shipped hundreds of our chocolate bars to Canada but the process was rather difficult. People had to call in to place the order because our shopping card wasn't set up to accept international credit cards. Shipping to a different country also makes things a lot more complicated for us. There is a whole array of bureaucratic obstacles that need to be mastered ranging from import regulations to invoice requirements and customs regulations. We have actually gotten so many inquiries from Canada that we had to stop shipping there for a while. It just took too much time to prepare the boxes that had to be shipped there.