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Buick Case Study | Corporate Gifts

Client: Buick

Objective:  Needed a unique corporate gift for the 2013 Food and Wine Festivals


How do you establish a memorable and unique first connection between your brand and a large pool of potential customers? How do you make sure people don't just walk by your booth at an event or trade show but actually stop and engage with you? 



A ‘Creation Station’ where customers had a chance to create their own custom Chocomize chocolate bars. Each bar was personalized, just for them. 



The ‘Creation Station’ attracted attention and made the atmosphere of Buick’s booth vibrant and unique. Buick was able to obtain accurate information from each customer. In return, each customer had an interactive experience with the brand and created a unique chocolate bar combination that they received as a branded business gift. Excited customers were delighted to receive their custom Chocomize bars in the mail and each bar had a white chocolate ‘Buick’ logo on the bar tying together their positive experience with the Buick brand. The outcome was a huge success!



“You don’t get a chance to handcraft and customize bars from a selection of over 100 toppings every day. My choices included strawberries, nuts and dark chocolate…”

-RobinLori, via It's RobinLori!


Buick’s ‘Creation Station’ at the 2013 Atlanta Food and Wine Festival


Buick|Chocomize Creation Station ATL Food and Wine Festival

- Photo credit to Robin Lori


“My custom #buick @chocomize arrived today. Sweet.”

         -Heather B (@headab), via Instagram


Buick|Chocomize case study Headab


“My customized chocolate I created at the #Buicktent at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. It's not melted even with the #summerheat #yummy #chocomize #chocoholic #ilovechocolates #chocolateaddict #AFWF2013 #foodie #willdoanythingforsweets”

-       @Atlnole21, via Instagram

Buick|Chocomize Case study Atlnole21


“Received the bar I ordered at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival... love it! Thanks! ‪#‎Chocomize

                -Rick Dove, via Facebook


 “Got my #Chocomize chocolate delivered from the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Thanks #Buick sheer deliciousness!

-       Pat Craig, @PatCraig50, via Twitter


Buick|Chocomize Case Study Pat Craig



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