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Create personalized chocolate party favors with Chocomize! With so many different ways to personalize your chocolate favors it is a perfect match for any occasion. Whether you are looking for birthday party favors, holiday favors, bat mitzvah favors, bridal shower favors, and have another special event in mind, our chocolate party favors are great gourmet treats that can complement any event.


Your children, family, friends, and guests will truly appreciate these fun chocolate favors you’ve made for them. Our signature chocolate bars, hot chocolate on a spoons, and small chocolate bars with custom wrappers are great options to add a personal touch to the occasion. Don’t just give any gift to your guests, give something that has special meaning and let them indulgence on something sweet to take home. All of our chocolate products are made fresh-to-order and are handcrafted by our expert chocolatiers using only premium Belgian chocolate, allowing you to treat your guests to not only something personalized but only the best in gourmet chocolate. 


Our chocolate party favors are great gifts for guests to remember your special event. Chocomize lets you customize your own event or party favor, including the labels on the packaging if you choose to add your own design. Making personalized chocolate party favors for your events and parties becomes a fun experience with us!


We have creative options that will meet your budget but will most importantly, be a delicious chocolate favor, that’s customized and personalized specifically for you. Highlight your event with our chocolate party favors!




Chocolate Bar Party Favors

Create your own chocolate bars or choose from one of our popular chocolate bars to start your unique chocolate bar party favors. You can choose from three Belgian chocolate bases and select up to five fresh toppings to create your perfect chocolate bar. Personalize it a step further by adding a special message or an image onto an edible plaque. Our white chocolate plaques can either have text or images to match your party theme. Lastly, personalize the packaging by adding custom labels on the front or back or both. Customize your chocolates with toppings, added plaques, and your own package labels for a fun party favor for your next event.

Chocolate Bar Party Favors 




Hot chocolate party favors

Our hot chocolate on a spoons are made with premium Belgian chocolate to give a rich flavor to a warm cup of milk or coffee. Enjoy them plain or personalize your hot chocolate spoons with different flavorings like Irish cream, hazelnut, cappuccino, or nutty amaretto. You can also customize the tags of the hot chocolate spoons’ packaging with a photo, a special message, or your own design. Surprise your guests with these personalized hot chocolate party favors and make your event unique.

Party Favors Hot Chocolate Spoons



Custom Chocolate Bar Wrappers Party Favors

Create delicious personalized party favors for your next event with these small bars that come in plain white, milk, or dark premium Belgian chocolates varieties. They are around the size of a traditional candy bar and are perfect if you want pure chocolate with custom wrappers.  Add a photo, design, or message onto your wrapper and turn this chocolate bar into a unique party favor. Design your own personalized chocolate bar wrappers as a way to convey a special message to your guests to remember your big day.

 Party Favors Chocolate Bars with Custom Wrappers




Amaze your guests with our Panoramic chocolate bars. With these you can go all out by putting an image, text, or artwork onto an entire white chocolate bar. We print your design with a full-color edible ink onto our premium Belgian white chocolates so you won’t have to chew through a paper icing sheet.  Our panoramic bars will give your guests a beautiful chocolate they’ll want to keep forever.