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  1. The Bacon Collection - 6 Piece Set


    * Handcrafted Bacon Truffles 6-piece Set I

    - Double Smoked Bacon, Caramel, and Black Pepper dipped in White, Milk, and Dark Fair Trade Belgian chocolate

    (ingredients: sugar, cream, bacon, glucose, white, milk, dark chocolate, and black pepper)

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  2. Handmade Chocolate Truffles – 6 Piece Set II


    The Set Contains:

      (Lucious bourbon vanilla meets sweet amaretto almond) 

    Beurre Noisette 
      (Classic french nutty brown butter, and milk chocolate) 

    Trifola d'Alba 
      (70% dark chocolate, and cocoa powder)

    - Toasted Sesame  
      (Creamy tahini, and toasted sesame seeds) 

    Olive Oil and Sage 
      (Milk chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil infused with fresh sage)

      (Fresh grapfruit, and creamy white chocolate) 

                                        – For optimal freshness, consume within 2 weeks –

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  3. Valentines Day Truffle Set

    This exclusive truffle set features the following flavors: 1 x Rum-Coconut 1 x Strawberry-Champagne 1 x Orange-Raspberry 1 x Apricot 1 x Key Lime 1 x Passion Fruit 1 x Cappuccino 1 x Salted Caramel Each set comes with a description of the flavors. Learn More
  4. The Bacon Collection - 12 Piece Set

    3 x Apple smoked bacon and spiced apple butter (ingredients: sugar, cream, bacon, apples, glucose, cinnamon) 3 x Hickory Smoked bacon, Guinness, and roasted peanuts (ingredients: sugar, cream, Guinness, bacon, glucose, peanuts) 3 x Double Smoked bacon, caramel, and black pepper (ingredients: sugar, cream, bacon, glucose, black pepper) 3 x Maple cured bacon, maple syrup, bourbon, and toasted pecans (ingredients: maple syrup, cream, bacon, milk chocolate, glucose, bourbon, pecans) Learn More
Set Descending Direction

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25 per page

4 Item(s)