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The Zimmern

Quick Overview

Dark Chocolate | 3.5oz (100g)

  • Mini Pretzels 
  • Pop Rocks 
  • Cayenne Pepper 
  • Coffee Beans

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The Zimmern

 This is a candy bar that doesn’t want to be eaten. It knows how good it is and it will repel your attempts to eat it at any cost. When you put your mouth to it the first thing that happens is the layer of Pop Rocks start to explode in an attempt to make you waiver in spirit. It tries to break you so you’ll leave it alone. I braved on however; tiny explosions in my mouth going off left and right, and I took my bite. High grade dark chocolate, pretzel and coffee bean being my reward for braving the Pop Rock onslaught. Delicious!

 But then…what’s this? My mouth! ITS BURNING! Oh damn…I had forgotten the cayenne pepper!If you survive the Pop Rocks and take your bite The Zimmern tries to cut its loses and make you quit by burning you in your mouths parts. Luckily for me, I go nuts for spicy and this didn’t even slow me down. I tore through The Zimmern. I ate it all up! The odd Pop Rock in my teeth going off, lips burning, I sit here telling you surely it is the best candy bar I have ever eaten. EVER. PERIOD. DONE.

-Nathan P.

Andrew Zimmern's favorite chocolate




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