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Wholesale Chocomize Chocolate Bars
Retail chocolate bars

Eye-Catching. Beautiful. Delicious.

The Chocomize retail line was developed by our chief chocolatier Lauren Gockley who was named one of North America's 'Top 10 Chocolatiers' by Dessert Professional Magazine. The bars feature the most popular flavor combinations that our customers have put together in the Chocomize Creation Station over the past four years and are guaranteed to be a big hit in your retail store. The retail line features a broad variety of 3.5oz FairTrade certified Belgian chocolate bars, most of which are also considered 'all-natural'. We also offer our popular 'hot chocolate on a stick' at wholesale prices. 

Wholesale information

You can find our complete line of wholesale chocolate bars and hot chocolates on a stick in our retail catalog below. The MSRP is $5.99 for the chocolate bars and $2.89 for the 'Hot chocolates on a stick'. If you are interested in wholesale pricing information or placing an order, please email us with your TaxID number and we will send you an updated pricing sheet for our products. Chocomize bars are also distributed through a number of distributors. Call us to see if any of them serve your area.


Retail bar catalog

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More information about the Chocomize retail line

Chocomize was launched in 2009 with the idea of providing customers with the opportunity to create their own chocolate bars. After hundreds of thousands of chocolate bars that our customers have created, we carefully analyzed the combinations to find out which ones are the most popular. These popular flavors can now be found in our retail catalog at wholesale prices. 


Excitingly different

Chocomize is commited to the highest quality and chocolate production standards. All retail products are made in NYC with the finest Fairtrade certified Belgian chocolate. Our signature packaging features a large window in the front which allows your customers to see the beautiful chocolate masterpieces themselves rather than a picture of the product that is printed on the packaging. The chocolate bars are definite eye-catcher and once they have tasted the luscious Belgian chocolate they are sure to come back for more.




With the introduction of the retail line in 2014 Chocomize has pledged to donate 1% of its revenue to the charity organization '1% For The Planet'. Chocomize's mission is to make people happy! For us, that does not only include the final consumer but everyone who is involved in making these beautiful and delicious products. From the cocoa farmers that are paid a fair wage for their cocoa beans, to the production team that is putting a lot of love into making the products, to the customers who enjoy the chocolate and the charity projects that are financed with a portion of the proceeds - happiness in every step of the supply chain.