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Chocomize Chocolate Bars Corporate Gifts





Step 1: Click Get a Quote, to create your bar and get pricing information.


Step 2: Submit Quote and someone from our company will contact you to discuss plaque and packaging design, and shipping details.



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Our signature bars are our most popular item for corporate chocolate gifts and with good reason.  These personalized chocolate bars provide a unique and memorable experience, where other business gifts or promotional chocolate may fall short. Our chocolate bars are handcrafted in Long Island City, New York using only premium Belgian chocolate and the finest ingredients.  Each bar is made by hand and with care to provide you with high-quality branded chocolate bars that are customized, budget-friendly, and delicious! 


Personalize your company’s chocolate business gifts by starting from the top – customizing the gift itself! Choose from our popular chocolate bar combinations or create one of your own, and with toppings such as 23 karat gold flakes, sea salt, and dried strawberries, there is a combination to suit any communication or marketing effort.


After creating a chocolate bar that will best fit your audience’s tastes or company’s messaging, move on to branding your corporate chocolate gifts. You can add a white chocolate plaque that can be printed on with edible ink, as well as customize the front and back labels of our signature pillow box packaging.  Whether you are looking for a unique promotional chocolate item, a memorable favor for a corporate event, or a gourmet corporate chocolate gift for your employees or clients, this is a great way for people to associate your brand with a positive experience.


A 50 chocolate bars minimum is required for corporate gift bulk pricing. To ensure safe delivery, shipments are packed with insulated liners and ice packs if necessary due to temperature constraints.


Get a quote!  If you are ready to place an order or need more information, email corporate@chocomize.com, or call (800) 621-3294 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Check out the Buick Case Study to see how they used branded Chocomize bars for their events.


Looking for something for the holidays? Ask about our Holiday packaging.





Customize your chocolate bar:

Start with a base of 3.5 ounces of premium Belgian chocolate in either dark (72% cocoa content), milk (34% cocoa content), or white. A traditional candy bar is around his large bar is big enough to share, maximizing your brand’s exposure. Then add up to five ingredients from a selection of over 100, these will be arranged by hand onto each bar by one of our expert chocolatiers.  Create a personalized chocolate bar that will best suit your brand’s needs and personality.


Add an image or text to an edible white chocolate plaque:

You have the option of adding a white chocolate plaque that can be placed onto your chocolate bar. The plaque can be printed on with full color edible ink and can have your custom logo, the name of your corporate event, a thank you message, whatever you decide.  It combines the elements of a ‘greeting card’ and a sweet indulgence into our delightful chocolate corporate gift. The best part is it’s all completely edible!


Personalize the packaging:

Customize the packaging of our signature pillow box with your own designs for the front and/or back labels.  The 3.5 x 5 inch full-color sticker label is placed on the back of the pillow box of your corporate chocolate gifts. Use this area to personalize your messaging.  You can submit your own design or have our graphics team work on something together with you to make sure your personalized chocolate bars relay the feel you want.



Signature Chocolate Bars – Product Details:


Dimensions of Chocolate Bar: 3 x 6.25 inches

Premium Belgian Chocolate Bases: 3.5 oz of either Dark Chocolate (72% cocoa content), Milk Chocolate (34% cocoa content), or White Chocolate (0% cocoa content)

Total Weight of Chocolate Bar: 4 – 4.5 oz (depending on your choice of toppings)

Toppings: Please see Bulk Creation Station

Dimensions of White Chocolate plaque: 2 x 1 inch

The white chocolate plaque is printed on with full color edible ink, and you can add a logo, event name, design, or text.  It will be directly placed onto your chocolate bar to complete your chocolate corporate gifts.


Dimensions of Packaging: 4.25 x 7.5 inches

Dimensions of the Front Label: 2.65 x 1.5 inches

Dimensions of the Back Label: 3.5 x 5 inches


Turnaround time: 1 week (more notice is preferred)

Minimum Bulk Order: 50 chocolate bars

Shipping details: Shipments are sent with ice packs and insulated liners if necessary due to temperature restrictions. Delivery is available within the United States and Canada.



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