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Popular Products

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  1. quick view Smores Bar

    Smores Bar

    Smores Bar

    • Milk Chocolate
      3.5oz (100g)
      • Mini Marshmallows
      • Graham Teddies

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  2. Handmade Chocolate Truffles – 12 Piece


    The 12 piece truffle set set contains:

      (Spicy ginger. sweet, and crunchy rice croquant)

    Burnt caramel with sea salt  
      (Rich, buttery caramel, sea salt, and dark cocoa nibs) 

    Honey and Thyme  
      (Luscious honey infused with fresh thyme, and toasted almonds) 

    Beurre Noisette  
      (Classic french nutty brown butter, and milk chocolate) 

      (Brazil's national cocktail, tart lime, and fresh mint)

    Pina Colada  
      (Dark Rum blended with fresh pineapple, and Crema de Coco) 

    Trifola d'Alba  
      (70% dark chocolate, and cocoa powder)

    - Toasted Sesame  
      (Creamy tahini, and toasted sesame seeds) 

    Whiskey "Sour" 
      (Tangy buttermilk, and a shot of whiskey)

    Cookies and Cream  
      (Classic vanilla cream rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs)

    Olive Oil and Sage  
      (Milk chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil infused with fresh sage)

      (Fresh grapefruit, and creamy white chocolate) 


                                     – For optimal freshness, consume within 2 weeks –

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  3. The Bacon Collection - 12 Piece Set

    3 x Apple smoked bacon and spiced apple butter (ingredients: sugar, cream, bacon, apples, glucose, cinnamon) 3 x Hickory Smoked bacon, Guinness, and roasted peanuts (ingredients: sugar, cream, Guinness, bacon, glucose, peanuts) 3 x Double Smoked bacon, caramel, and black pepper (ingredients: sugar, cream, bacon, glucose, black pepper) 3 x Maple cured bacon, maple syrup, bourbon, and toasted pecans (ingredients: maple syrup, cream, bacon, milk chocolate, glucose, bourbon, pecans) Learn More
  4. Hot Chocolate on a spoon (pure milk)

    • Milk Chocolate Cube
      2 oz (50g)
      • pure, 100% natural Belgian milk chocolate

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