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Chocolate Picture Bar

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Edible Picture Bar (3.5oz)

Edible Picture Bar (3.5oz)



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Product Description

If you want a unique way to share your favorite memories, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Chocolate Picture Bars are the sweetest way to share your biggest moments with your loved ones.  From birthdays to holidays, you get a chance to recreate those memories with chocolate! Who wouldn’t love that?! 

Simply upload a photo from you computer, mobile phone, or the web. You can resize and rotate the image until it fits and you can also add text to your edible chocolate bar. Once you’re done, simply hit the ‘add to cart’ button and your artwork will be saved automatically.
  • Product Details: 3.5 x 5 inches
    Milk chocolate with thin white chocolate layer, 3.5oz

    Imprint: Please note that since we are printing directly on chocolate and not photo paper, the colors may deviate slightly from those of the original image and may not be a 100% true match. For best results, we advise you extend your image beyond the white area on the chocolate so that your image ‘overlaps’ on the bar. This ‘bleed zone’ helps to make sure that the picture will be printed perfectly on the white chocolate layer without any white background showing through.

  • The standard turnaround time is about one business days on our end plus 1-2 business days for shipping.


    All of our products ship directly from our factory in Long Island City, NY. With many years of experience in shipping chocolate across the country and internationally you can rest assured that your custom chocolate will arrive in great condition no matter where they ship. In the summer we add insulated liners and ice packs to each shipment to prevent the chocolate from melting in transit.

  • Is the final product really edible?
    Yes, and it’s yummy, too! The ink we are using is completely edible and doesn’t have a flavor itself. What you will taste is the creamy chocolate underneath.

    Do the colors fade?
    From our experience, the colors only fade if the bars are exposed to direct sunlight. If you store them in your fridge or kitchen cabinet the picture the picture will look great for weeks! Unless, of course, someone starts nibbling on the bar which is very likely.


Personalized Gifts

Custom Picture Bars are the best way to share your favorite memories.  From birthdays to holiday cards, you can customize your bar with your favorite images and text.  Upload your photo directly from your photo library, Instagram or Facebook, add your text, and see your Custom Picture Bar come to life! 

Highest Quality

Your photos and messages are printed on top of a thin layer of white chocolate using 100% edible food color which lays on top of our finest Belgian milk chocolate bar.  All picture bars are packed in our custom Chocomize box.

5 Star Customer Service

We offer great customer service and a fast turn around! Our friendly support staff is available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST to answer any questions.

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