I'd like to place a personal order, where did your consumer products go? 

As of February 2017, Chocomize no longer offers customized chocolate products for individual consumers. Shipping small orders across the country and internationally has become increasingly difficult over the years. With rising shipping costs despite slower transit times, we found ourselves in a situation where we could no longer guarantee delivery dates and make sure that the chocolate arrives in good condition in the summer. At the same time, we had to change our production setup to accommodate larger runs for custom corporate orders that have become more and more important for our company over the years. Faced with these circumstances, we decided to focus only on corporate gifting going forward and we no longer accommodate individual orders. 


I still have an unused gift certificate for Chocomize, what do I do?

Please contact our customer support at [email protected] and let them know your gift code. We will refund the purchaser of the gift certificate right away. Please note that we cannot issue cash refunds to the gift certificate recipients.


I am enrolled in the Chocolate of the Month Club, what will happen to my membership?

The last chocolate club shipments will be sent out for the month of March 2017. We will credit the purchaser for any shipments left on the membership. 


I am interested in custom wedding favors or party favors, can you still help me with my custom order?

Definitely. We have added more customizable products than ever and many of them make for great wedding or party favors. Just browse our products, filter by your budget, and get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.