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Since 2009, Chocomize has been the web’s #1 source for corporate chocolate gifts. Our attention to detail and obsession with quality has made us the go-to supplier of personalized chocolate gifts for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, and our work has been featured in popular publications like the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and many more.



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Corporate Gifts Under $5

Business Gifts under $5

The perfect treats for trade shows or for office snack jars.

Chocolate Squares

Custom Chocolate Squares

Browse the largest variety of customizable Belgian chocolate squares online.

Custom Chocolate Bars

Custom Chocolate Bars

Add your logo to any of our custom chocolate bars, from 1oz - 3.5oz.

Gift Baskets


Beautiful gift baskets, customizable with your hangtag and logo ribbon!



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Corporate Chocolate Gifts under $5
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The Chocomize Process




Step 1: Choose The Perfect Product

At Chocomize, we bring you the biggest possible selection of customizable chocolate without compromising on quality. We’ve spent the last decade handling orders for every imaginable event and occasion, and if we don’t already have the perfect product to suit your needs, odds are we can make it. Not sure what to purchase? No problem! Simply drop us an email, call us at +1800 621 3294, or enter your information into the contact form found on each product page to discuss your project details. We're here to help you find the perfect products for your event and discuss the details and turnaround time.


Business Gift Overview

Step 2: Create The Perfect Design

After you send us your inquiry, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to help customize your chocolates and ensure the finalized design is flawless. You can collaborate with us on the design or simply leave our experts to their work. Either way, you can rest assured your finalized design will be best in class.




Step 3: Made With The Perfect Chocolate

If there is one thing we are absolutely obsessive about, it’s our chocolate. We use only the highest quality Belgian chocolate, and that’s not a generic promise. The classification of “Belgian chocolate” has required a legally regulated composition since 1894, which ensures that every bite is smooth, rich, and absolutely delicious.




Chocolate Gift Production
Corporate Gifting

Step 4: Send & Receive The Perfect Gift

Once your personalized chocolates are completed, you can opt to receive them in bulk or have us ship them directly to your individual clients or employees. Our uncompromising quality extends to our packaging, and we guarantee that whoever receives the order is in for an unforgettable treat.




Office Treats

Delicious, branded office treats are a fantastic way to reward employees and impress visiting clients. With our incredible selection, you can choose the perfect treats to suit your business, knowing you’ll receive premium quality every time. From customized chocolate bars to personalized candy, we guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for at Chocomize.



Trade Show Gifts

Trade shows are a prime opportunity to make a splash within your niche. While other businesses attempt to get noticed with cheap plastic gimmicks, you can steal the show with just a few batches of our unforgettable trade show treats. From butterscotch brownies to chocolate business cards, our fully branded treats make for perfect trade show gifts.



Customer Appreciation Gifts

Saying thanks to your customers is a classy act and a great strategy for improving customer retention. Instead of just sending an email or mailing a card, why not elevate your brand with a round of customized chocolate gifts? Our gourmet customer appreciation gifts are a favorite of firms and agencies across the country, and we know your customers will absolutely love them.



Business Holiday Gifts

Holidays are the perfect time to show your employees and customers how much you appreciate them. Whether you are looking to supply an office party of the century or blow away your customers, our holiday chocolate treats are ready and waiting to make your brand legendary.


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Why Custom Chocolate Is The Ideal Corporate Gift

Gift giving in a corporate environment can be tricky. You want to find something that is appropriate for the occasion, thoughtful, and personalized. This is where personalized chocolate comes in. It makes a suitable gift that any of your colleagues or clients will love receiving. 

Chocolates are also excellent branding tools when at a conference or trade show. It’s a treat that draws passers-by in to take a few and take your branding along with them.

There’s something about receiving a box of chocolate that just makes a person feel special, like someone went out of their way for them. If that box of chocolates is personalized, it makes you the official best gift-giver of the office.

There are considerations to make when buying personalized chocolates to guarantee you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that the gift you buy turns out beautiful and delicious.  These include the quality of the chocolate and the design, along with turnaround time and flexibility when ordering.


What To Consider When Selecting Chocolate Gifts

Unfortunately, many chocolate manufacturers claim to be top quality while delivering inferior products. The last thing you want to do is send low quality chocolate as a business gift. Here’s what to look for to make sure you are getting the quality you paid for.


1. Chocolate Quality

To distinguish quality chocolate from inferior chocolate, let your 5 senses be your guide:

Sight - It should look appealing and shiny, not chalky or broken apart.

Touch - It should feel smooth to the touch and any ridges from the design should be prominent with detail. The chocolate should also be firm and susceptible to melting when exposed to heat from your hand.

Smell - the fragrant smell of the chocolate should have you anticipating the next sense. If you can’t smell the essence of the chocolate or only smell a sugary or waxy smell, it is of poor quality.

Taste - The taste should be smooth and silky in texture with rich flavor that lasts, consistent with the type you ordered. Chocolate has a very strong and distinct taste that should resonate on your taste buds for longer than a moment.

Sound - The snap sound of the chocolate as you bite into it should have you eager for the next bite. Quality chocolate is firm and will make an audible snap when broken with your hands or bitten into. If the chocolate does not snap apart or make a sound when broken, the chocolate may be old or low quality.


2.  Design Quality

The design quality of the chocolate quality you choose for your boss or colleagues will reflect on your taste and how well you know them. When designing for a trade show, conference, or other branding event, be sure that the chocolate company offers a myriad of designs, and that customization and details won’t be a problem. You want to make sure that the chocolate you order isn’t just tasty, but stylishly designed as well.


Chocolate Packaging

The exterior packaging, if purchasing individual chocolate squares or bars, should be wrapped in foil or outer wrapped with paper and inner wrapped foil. The colors should be vibrant and an accurate representation of your brand if using company branding. When purchasing a box of chocolate, look for a sturdy box with a liner to hold each chocolate and paper liners for each individual piece. Again, look at the quality of the colors and design for the occasion or brand.

Chocolate Design

The design of the chocolate itself should be accurate for what you wanted and clearly recognizable if you are customizing the bar. In a  box of chocolate, whether you choose one flavor or 30, each different flavor should be unique in design, setting them apart. The details should be elegant, eluding to high quality, high dollar chocolates. The color of the chocolate should reflect the type of chocolate it is: dark chocolate is a very dark brown, milk chocolate is a creamy medium brown, not too light, and white chocolate should of course be a milky white.


3. Order Customization & Turnaround

Consider the array of services offered when ordering, to be sure you’ll get exactly what you want. This includes what elements of the chocolate are customizable: the exterior, the flavor, the design of a bar, the design of individual chocolates, etc. Also look at the flexibility and turnaround time of the order. If you are a last-minute gift order, it is important that the company can assure a quick turnaround while delivering your corporate chocolate gifts at the highest quality. Be sure to check if they ship to your country as well.


What To Expect When Ordering From Chocomize

Here at Chocomize, we do everything in our power to make ordering custom corporate chocolate gifts as easy and hassle-free as possible.


1. Submit Your Inquiry

Start by selecting your desired corporate chocolate product from our list of customizable chocolates. Next, fill out the order form, entering your name, email, company, order quantity, and a few comments on the type of order you wish to make. We are very passionate about making sure every single detail is right and that you absolutely love your corporate chocolate gifts, which is why we send all order submissions through a human representative before creating and shipping.


2. Discuss With A Representative

After submitting an order on, one of our dedicated representatives will contact you to help you complete your order. The representative will discuss your order with you, review your desired chocolate designs, make experienced recommendations, and ensure that you get everything you need and more. They will then send your order to our professional design team who will create a custom chocolate and packaging design specifically for you.


3. Review Mock-Ups

To ensure that every order is perfect, we send a design mock-up of you customer corporate chocolate gifts BEFORE creating and shipping your order. This way, you can be absolutely sure that you’re receiving exactly what you want. If you need any changes whatsoever, your dedicated representative will make sure changes are made and you have everything you need.


4. Receive Your Chocolates!

Once you are happy with your order mock-up, we will create, package, and ship your corporate chocolates gifts straight to your business! Or if you prefer, we can ship them directly to their intended recipients. Regardless, you can be absolutely sure you are receiving the finest quality in custom chocolates gifts when you order from


Do you need custom chocolate gifts for your next corporate event?