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  1. Corporate Gifting - Case Studies

    Chocomize specializes in crafting and supplying companies with high-quality, edible corporate gifts. From treats made of the finest Belgian chocolate to gourmet popcorn and customized candies, Chocomize offers top-of-the-line gifts that are suitable for all budgets and occasions. Whether intended as tools for promotional purposes, customer appreciation events or trade shows; Chocomize supplies companies of all sizes with gifts that make unforgettable impressions.

    Industry: Healthcare

    Product # 1: Custom Popcorn Tins (1 Gallon)

    Problem: Dentists and orthodontists are well known for handing out customized toothbrushes and flavored flosses to their patients as promotional gifts. While these gifts are relevant, they fail to make a lasting impression.

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  2. The Corporate Gifting Holiday Checklist

    business holiday gifts

    The holiday season is a time for giving, and according to a recent study, over 60 percent of companies in the United States intend to partake in the gift-giving custom. Whether these companies plan to give gifts to loyal customers or valued employees, approximately 70 percent of them will don the company’s logo in some form.

    Excluding company gift cards, food gifts are the most popular choice for promotional holiday gifts...

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